Amethyst Triquetra Necklace

Comes Complete With Organza Bag & Silver Chain

A lovely elegant pendant using a new to stock heart triquetra tibetan silver link holding together two amethyst stone. The Triquetra is adorned with an AA grade amethyst cabochon charm and a deep purple amethyst point hanging from the bottom. These beautiful pendants make a lovely costume piece of jewellery.

Amethyst Point: 30mm

Amethyst Charm: 6mm x 4mm

Heart Triquetra: 18mm Wide

Total Length (inc Bail): 86mm


Amethyst usually grows in geodes, which are hollow rocks with crystal-filled interiors. The surface of the interior is called Druze, which is a term used to describe a natural layer of crystals formed on the crust of a mineral, like, for example, the inside of an Amethyst geode. From the outside, Amethyst geodes often look like ordinary rocks, but inside they contain a wonderland of crystals.

Amethyst is a powerful and protective crystal, and is a first choice of many metaphysicians. Amethyst was used in ancient times to recover from both physical addictions as well as addictive relationships, and became known as the stone of sobriety. A natural stress reliever, Amethyst encourages and supports inner strength.

Amethyst connects the physical plane with higher realm, making it a good choice when working with the Third Eye Chakra. Amethyst also provides a wonderful peaceful energy for meditations, and helps with developing intuition and psychic abilities.

Amethyst opens and activates the Crown Chakra, allowing easier access to the divine. Amethyst enhances spiritual awareness and spiritual wisdom, promoting a higher state of consciousness. Amethyst clears and repairs holes in the aura and draws in Divine energy, as well as aligning and fostering cooperation between the energy bodies.

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