Wicca Wheel Of Year Tarot Cards

  • Size: 6CM*10.3cm
  • Language: English
  • Number of cards: 78
The Wheel of Fortune is the Tarot card meaning fortune. When this card makes an appearance, you can be assured that your luck is about to change (and yes, it can mean you’ll win the lottery but general good luck is predicted!) You can look forward to positive outcomes in your love, life and happiness. 

Some say The Wheel of Fortune can mark a time of transition from one type of fortune to the next. If everything has went wrong for you previously, then your luck is starting to turn from the point this card represents. Your lationships, business and career will all begin to improve, even if previously there seemed to be no hope.

In a way, The Wheel of Fortune also symbolizes fate and that which is meant to be. What is for you won’t pass you and a strange turn in events could ensure that you are about to get what has been for you all along. Destiny is stepping in to push you towards what is yours.

Traditionally, the Wheel of Fortune is often associated with wins, the lottery and gambles paying off so look for evidence of this in your reading (lots of Pentacles, for example).

In general, The Wheel of Fortune is usually a positive card representing luck and results after hard work. However, there will be times when it appears as a drawback or pops up in a bad reading.

Sadly, in a negative reading, the opposite from the above meanings can be true. Even if you have worked your finger tips off Lady Luck still may not be on your side. If you have been the most fortune person in the world previously, your lucky streak could be coming to an end.

Also, I should not that, in general, The Wheel of Fortune can represent things happening in cycles and going round and around in circles without going anywhere. Obviously, this can be positive or negative; it is entirely dependent on context.
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